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HairBrella, The Rain Hat, ReInvented

Are you ready for Hairbella?  Hairbrella founder Tracey Pickett started the brand in 2015 after spending many evenings and weekends developing her true passion for entrepreneurship.

In 2016 Tracey left her role as a corporate attorney to launch her invention – Hairbrella, the world’s first satin-lined rain hat combining fashion and function to protect various hair styles, lengths and textures from rain and humidity.

Since then, the brand has grown to be named the #1 Selling Rain Hat on Amazon, making appearances on The View and Good Morning America. Most recently, the brand was included on Beyoncé’s “Black Parade” directory of Black-owned businesses curated by Zerina Akers. In 2020, Tracey created the Hairbrella PRO with essential workers in mind. The entire Hairbrella product range is available on Amazon and

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