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The Beauty and The Beast: The Ugly Side of Cosmetology Education

The Beauty and The Beast: The Ugly Side of Cosmetology Education

The beauty industry is booming, and the cosmetology school industry has grown by 2.7% over the past five years. But with one third of cosmetologists self-employed, and client retention rates declining, are beauty school students graduating with the right business skills? “No,” says Marquetta Breslin, Licensed Cosmetologist, educator, and author of Fully Booked. “And it’s not just about the numbers and the administrative stuff. Getting clients is a real struggle for most people, and it goes so much deeper than not having tactics or tools. It starts in the mind.”

The Beauty and The Beast: The Ugly Side of Cosmetology Education

Breslin is electric as she says this, her smile infectious, her expression one of joyful determination. “Mindset is how I got through basic training in the Air Force without giving up my girly-girl self. It’s how I raised two kids and built a business at the same time. And it’s learnable. I know. I’ve seen my students change their lives just by changing their mindset.” Those students are the reason Breslin decided to write her hit book, Fully Booked.

In Fully Booked, Breslin adds new tips based on her experiences as a coach and educator. “Most stylists try to attract anyone and everyone. They’re afraid to get clear, to get specific, and to let their uniqueness shine.” What about social media, online advertising and search engines? “They’re important, but they’re not the first step,” says Breslin. “You need to start with who you are and what makes you special. You need to start with who your client is. That means asking yourself the right questions.”

Over the course of 136 pages, Breslin guides her readers to those questions, but rarely asks them directly. Her approach on paper is a lot like her approach in person, which is something she says is deliberate. “I know not everyone can come out and see me in person, so I wanted to give my readers the feeling that they’ve got someone in their corner. I want them to own their self-discovery, to know they got there on their own. I’m just helping them along because I believe in abundance. It’s like I always say: we aren’t fighting over the same pie. We’re making the pie bigger, together.”

Fully Booked is available in both hardcover and digital formats on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

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