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Latoya Nicole has the bestselling Black-Owned coloring books promoting self-care

Entrepreneurs Color Too

Latoya Nicole, founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Color Too, the #1 bestselling Black-owned coloring books and supplies company, announces a milestone of selling 25,000 books and launching its newest addition for adults “Shades of Brown” coloring pencils. The woman-owned company is known for creating adult coloring books that promote self-care, wellness, and self-love.

The coloring pencils are designed to celebrate diversity by representing skin tones of Black and brown women, including colors as women’s names like Diamond, Keisha, Toya, and Ebony. Culturally diverse names that you rarely saw represented on custom items such as key chains growing up.

“We’re excited to finally launch the new colored pencils that our customers have been asking for! Representation is more important than ever, and we are proud to expand our body of work by offering skin tone colors that further represent families of color and allows for another opportunity for our customers to see themselves in arts & crafts and supplies,” said Entrepreneurs Color Too’s CEO and founder Latoya Nicole.

Entrepreneurs Color Too “Shades of Brown” pencils come in a 12-count pack and are a limited edition. Perfect for moms, business owners, creatives, and women like you. The 12-count pencil pack is sold exclusively online at

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @EntrepreneursColorToo


Entrepreneurs Color Too

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