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Kathy Bee: Trailblazing Black Female Country Singer Who Charted History on Billboard

Kathy Bee, a name synonymous with innovation and diversity in the realm of country music, has carved out a significant place for herself as one of the first Black female artists to chart on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Her journey through music, television, and multimedia production has not only marked her as a groundbreaking artist but also as a cultural icon who continues to influence the industry.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Kathy Bee burst onto the country music scene on October 8, 1988, with her song “Let’s Go Party,” which charted on three major country charts:

  • Billboard Hot Country Charts at #100
  • Cashbox at #80
  • Indie Charts at #16

This achievement marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for future Black female artists in country music. Despite this, the full extent of Bee’s contributions remained underrecognized until recent discussions highlighted the historical contributions of Black artists in country music.

Multi-Faceted Talent

Kathy Bee’s talents extend beyond singing to encompass a wide range of creative and entrepreneurial endeavors:

  • Television Production: As the CEO and founder of Touching Lives Multimedia, Inc., and P.R. Productions, Bee has produced over 250 TV show segments that promote extraordinary people across the United States.
  • Musical Plays: Her musical, “The Tin Can,” premiered successfully and was featured at the first Touching Lives TV Award Show, demonstrating her prowess in theatrical arts.
  • Public Relations and Internet Multimedia: Through P.R. Productions, launched in 1986, Bee has been a pioneer in integrating multimedia with traditional PR strategies to amplify public awareness.

Legacy and Continuing Influence

Despite her early success, Kathy Bee’s impact and recognition saw a resurgence only after the acclaim of newer artists like Beyoncé, who recently became one of the first Black artists to chart #1 on the Hot Billboard Country Charts. This prompted a renewed interest in the pioneers like Bee, whose contributions paved the way for today’s artists.

Current Projects

  • Do The Dream TV: A web TV show launched by Kathy Bee that embodies the spirit of “People Helping People.” This platform serves as a conduit for viewers to discover and pursue their dreams through inspirational stories and guidance from those who have achieved their own.
  • Red Hat Society Involvement: Bee has also made significant contributions to the Red Hat Society, composing songs and participating actively, bringing her musical talents to a community known for its vibrant and supportive environment.

Contributions to Diversity and Culture

Kathy Bee’s journey through the country music landscape is not just about her music but also about her role in enhancing diversity and broadening the representation within the genre. Her upcoming documentary, “Music Has No Color,” aims to shed light on the often overlooked contributions of Black artists in country music.

Learn about KathyBee at her website:

Kathy Bee’s legacy is a testament to the power of perseverance and creativity in the face of industry norms that often overlook diverse talents. Her story is one of triumph, not only as a musician but as a visionary who continues to inspire through her multifaceted career. As the conversation about diversity in country music evolves, Kathy Bee’s contributions are finally receiving the recognition they deserve, ensuring her place in the history of music as not just a pioneer but a beacon for future generations. Kathy Bee, showcased in a captivating photograph alongside the legendary Smokey Robinson, not only continues her musical journey in Southern California but also shares her passion with her talented daughter, Karrie Benoit Morales. Karrie, a key member of Smokey Robinson’s singing team, is a remarkable singer herself, embracing a broad love for all music genres. Together, they represent a formidable family legacy in the music industry, echoing the rich traditions and evolving sounds of country and beyond.










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For more insights into her life and projects, visit her official website or connect on Linkedin page: Bee,

Kathy Bee One Of The First Black Female Country Singers On Billboard Country Charts

Learn about KathyBee at her website:

Linkedin page:

Kathy Bee

Kathy Bee One Of The First Black Female Country Singers On Billboard Country Charts –

Kathy Bee The Original Queen Bee of Country Music

Kathy Bee On The Country Billboard Charts

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