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A New Era for the Los Angeles Urban League: Cynthia Mitchell-Heard’s Historic Appointment Celebrated in Style

Cynthia Mitchell-Heard

“The Los Angeles Urban League celebrates a historic moment with Cynthia Mitchell-Heard’s appointment as the first female President and CEO in almost a century, marked by a prestigious event attended by Mayor Karen Bass and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.”

Last night’s reception at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles was not just a gathering; it was a historic celebration. The Los Angeles Urban League marked a significant milestone in its long and storied history with the appointment of Cynthia Mitchell-Heard as its first female President and CEO in nearly a century. A New Era Begins. The evening, which lasted from 5 pm to 8 pm, was a vibrant testament to the strides taken towards inclusivity and empowerment within the organization. Cynthia Mitchell-Heard, stepping into this prestigious role, brings not only her expertise but also a fresh perspective to the helm of the Los Angeles chapter. Illustrious Attendees Echo Support.

The event was embellished by the presence of notable figures, each underscoring the significance of this appointment:

  • Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass: A dynamic leader in her own right, Mayor Bass highlighted the importance of community engagement and empowerment in her speech, resonating with the Urban League’s core mission.
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters: Bringing her extensive experience in politics and civil rights, Waters’ presence and speech added depth to the evening, highlighting the broader implications of Mitchell-Heard’s role in national civil rights efforts.
    Marc Morial’s Landmark Visit

Mayor Karen Bass Los Angeles









National Urban League President Marc Morial’s attendance was particularly significant. His presence not only honored Mitchell-Heard’s appointment but also symbolized the national importance of this new chapter for the Urban League. The Los Angeles Urban League, a pivotal organization in advocating for economic and social justice, especially for African Americans and underserved communities, has been a beacon of hope and change. Its initiatives have spanned across various domains, including education, job training, and health, all aimed at empowering communities towards economic self-reliance and social parity.

Cynthia Heard’s Forward-Looking Agenda

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In her inspiring speech, Cynthia Mitchell-Heard laid out an ambitious and transformative vision for the organization, focusing on key areas such as:

  • Educational Empowerment: Enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes in underserved communities remains a top priority.
  • Economic Development: Strengthening programs that support entrepreneurship and job creation to bolster economic growth within these communities.
  • Health and Wellness: Prioritizing accessible health and wellness programs to ensure the overall well-being of community members.
    A Beacon of Hope and Progress

The appointment of Cynthia Mitchell-Heard is a beacon of progressive leadership and hope. It represents not just a historical achievement but also a commitment to the continued fight for equality and empowerment in Los Angeles and beyond. With Mitchell-Heard at the helm, the Los Angeles Urban League is poised to make impactful strides in its mission to create a more equitable and just society. Link into the new world of The Los Angeles Urban League website and donate here:


Los Angeles Community Advocate Report by Lela Christine