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Ethical Fashion Choices Soul Sporty Launches Active Leisurewear

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Soul Sporty announced the official launch of an entirely new line of athleisure women’s clothing with timeless styles intended to answer customers’ need for clothing that is both fashionable and sustainably guilt-free.

Emphasizing comfort, durability and stability – using raw materials that align with ethical environmental values across the entire lifecycle of each garment – Soul Sporty advances the radical idea of “Slow Fashion.” With ruggedly tough yet elegantly wearable basic essentials intended for year-round use, Soul Sporty is for the environmentally focused, modern woman who wants to start her sustainability journey with progress, rather than perfection. The Soul Sporty line is available directly from the company’s website, with a $10-off coupon for those who sign up now for updates and company news. (

“Many companies strive to be eco-friendly, or give the notion a nod, but sustainability represents a full spectrum of ideas and goals,” said Soul Sporty. “And sometimes getting there is more about the steps it takes rather than arriving immediately and perfectly at the destination. It is an end-goal that should matter to us all, and we’ve incorporated the philosophy into the core idea of Slow Fashion – extending each product’s lifecycle to the fullest. Slowing down the consumption of raw materials in a product lifecycle so that each garment is sustainable from the field to the factory, from our office to your wardrobe.”


Soul Sporty: The Soul of a New Fashion Movement

“We bring quality athleisurewear that is beautiful in design, thoughtful in production, and empowering to a community of women who celebrate small progresses in working towards a better self,” said Soul Sporty. “Our quality is unforgiving for anything less than good. Our design is everything about style, with comfort engineered to last. And our sustainable measures come from everything we choose from beginning to end: how we work towards closing the loop in the future. At the heart, it’s about all the things you can achieve and become when you’re wearing our clothing. And it’s a community effort, a conversation we should all be having about how we can do better, be better, walking down this road together. It’s why we created a Soul Mate community that anyone can join – allowing everyone to share and learn together.”

Choosing raw materials that fit the company’s character – based on engineered fabrics and details that last – Soul Sporty is for the everyday active woman. A woman who needs her style to be as tough and resilient as she is. This begins with:

  • 100% Pima Cotton: The absolute Cashmere of Cotton. With longer, silkier fibers than traditional Upland cotton, Pima is luxuriously soft yet incredibly strong. It is highly resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading.
  • Knit Rib: Rayon that is ethically sourced, consciously produced, and purposed to help extend the life of Soul Sporty products.
  • Active 360: An entire line of activewear that uses 80% recycled polyester waste, repurposed for durability and sustainable fashion that makes a statement.
  • Light Weight French Terry: Light cozies that are from 90% cotton 10% recycled polyester waste, easy and comfortable as your go-to for leisure.

“Each piece may be minimal, but there’s much more than meets the eye,” said Soul Sporty. “Longer product life equals more sustainability. That’s why, for us, the longevity of each product you support matters in every detail: hidden in patterns, seams, and stitches. We keep each style as clean as possible on the outside, but filled with design solutions on the inside that are impactful. What is hidden is just as important to functionality as the fresh, clean styles are to being reliable on the outside.”

To view the existing line and get the latest company updates, follow Soul Sporty on social media: #MakeItMatter, @soulsporty

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