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Summer Collection from Lotta Stensson Is Hot

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The Lotta Stensson Collection is a RESORT Lifestyle Brand, which focuses on high end Must Have Travel pieces that are multifunctional and “become what you layer them over”, and the various silouettes are great for Beach & Vacation, City Life or Parties. Check our our favorite dress styles we adore..
Lotta’s designs are focused on combining amazing colors and custom prints made by the designer, all with a bohemian & earthy elegance. My Silks Collection is made using a hand-blocked wood printing or other handmade processes which leads each piece

to be a “One of a kind” item.

Each items folds into the size of a napkin for easy traveling. The Polyester Collection is focused on bold, vibrant prints using laser printing machines. The items do not wrinkle, they machine wash and fit a woman’s “On the go’s Life Style” and her essential travel needs. The Lotta Stensson Collection is sold to top retailers all over the globe and loved by countless celebrities through the year.
Summer Collection from LOTTA STENSSON

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