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Atunbi Couture Collection You Will Adore

IMAD EDUSO: Atunbi Collection

IMAD EDUSO, luxury brand based in Lagos, introduces the ATUNBI Collection. ATUNBI is rebirth.

ATUNBI is renewal. ATUNBI is revival. This is the second drop of a three part series. These pieces were created with rediscovery in mind, moving from self critique to self promotion, allowing ourselves to take up space.

ATUNBI explores the creative director’s journey from the birth of her second child to experiencing a new dimension of love, and transitioning through time zones. A pledge to exiting your comfort zone and exploring new frontiers. IMAD EDUSO introduces new textures in this drop and the contrast of vibrant colors represent growth, renewal and a breath of fresh air. Drop 3 will debut at Lagos Fashion Week in October.



IMAD EDUSO: Atunbi Collection









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