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M·A·C Trends Presentation by The M·A·C Director of Makeup

It’s always great to have the M·A·C teams hare what’s new during the fall season in relation to trends to look for this year. Four upcoming trends identified by M·A·C, which were outlined at the presentation by M·A·C Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt and Senior Artists Cynthia Rivas, John Stapleton and Caroline Donnelly are listed below.

Autumn/Fall 2014 Trends

Overall –creating an un-cosmetic look; real makeup

Off Color –deconstructing colors found naturally in one’s skin; focus on eye, lip or both; incorporating use of soft bristle brushes

Streamlined –grungy but sophisticated; eyebrows are sharper and the use of navy blue is popularized

On Reflection –luminescence and glow; matte skin is paired with shine; hints of reflection with a golden glow

Unprocessed –skin and the beauty of the woman is the focus; natural yet not nude; colors are more subtle and pulled from the undertones of one’s skin; makeup may be applied and then removed.

Information submitted by M·A·C PR teams.



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