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Fasting, Eating Right Foods, Keys To Long Life

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Fasting is a greater cure of our ills both mentally and physically than all of the drugs of the earth combined into one bottle or into a billion bottles. The wise are taught that fasting and the right kind of food are the cures to our ills. There is no cure in drugs and medicine. And this, the world is now learning. We can take medicine all of our lives…

Healthilocks, High Performance Hair Care Products That Work

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Healthilocks is a line of high performance hair care products with health nut values. Our PlexProtein products repair hair with protein SAFELY – no gloves required! Once upon a time, our founder’s daughter said, “Mom, your ponytail is sad!” Even with two kids and just past 40, this was a shock! It had happened so gradually… And she’s a scientist, who never felt like she cared THAT much about her…