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Enjoy The Queens High Tea Collective Featured In Goddess Couture News

Queens High Tea, herbal green tea

Our editorial team would like to welcome you to a very special section we are introducing in this new 2021 year entitled, The Queens High Tea Collective.

Lela Christine, our publisher and editorial staff thought it would be a great idea to start off the new year with having biweekly High Tea Collective business sessions focused on black American women cleaning their mental house and elevating their financial well-being which is key during this new year and decade.

There’s not one woman, at least in our circle, that does not enjoy the tradition of sitting with friends, colleagues and family to host and drink a vast selection of hot or cold herbal teas. There are so many teas around the world to select from online. Wether its exotic green teas, earl grey, signature fruit and/or chai tea latte blends – It’s all about the world of drinking tea’s for mental health, wellness and also healing your body.

We invite you to tune in to this weekly signature section of Goddess Couture News. Should you own a herbal tea company email us and share your story of how you launched your tea company and get featured in Goddess Couture News. Email us at – Join our newsletter at

Book and save The Queen’s High Tea featured section in your web browser at:

Melanie Whitaker
Staff Tea News Correspondent

The Queens High Tea, Goddess Couture New


Special Tea Notes:

We have attached a few links about what High Tea for your mindful review. Learn more about Queen’s High Tradition check these links so you can see in history the tradition behind the concept of High Tea:,after%20a%20long%20day’s%20work.

What is High Tea VS Afternoon Tea?

High Tea and Afternoon Tea: Do You Know The Difference?




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