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Why Do Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergaro SupportSouthern Z.E.N. Foods

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Celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson (Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergaro) is a major supporter, as are personalities such as Zac Efron, Denise Richards, Haylie Duff, Shannon Tweed and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. For hungry Southern Californians, dining out can mean everything from the four stars associated with Patina to the star-shaped mascot associated with Carl’s Jr. In the realm of home diet food delivery, the choice is much the same: a veritable menu…

Fuel Workouts To Build Muscle With 165 Smoothies

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We all love smoothies and why not keep your body healthy with make them yourself. Introducing Power Smoothies, a new recipe book offering hundreds of vitamin, mineral and protein-rich smoothies for before, during and after your workouts. This book is packed with more than 165 recipes, this book’s fruit and green smoothies not only help you build muscle, but also properly nourish the entire body. Burn fat with the macro…

Numi Tea Best Holiday Gift Healing your Mind & Body

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Numi is an up-and-coming tea company to keep an eye on. They’ve got some great blends and some great ideas. They’ve made a commitment to a high quality product. I have noticed Safeway is carrying Numi now, and that’s awesome. I like to see companies like Stash and Numi being given the chance to show the world what real tea tastes like. I like being able to get these teas…