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Chicago Chiropractor Creates Revolutionary Holistic System to Treat Back Pain

Chicago Chiropractor Creates Revolutionary Holistic System to Treat Back Pai. Did you know that in America it’s expected that over 31 million people have suffered from back pain at one time or another?

Chicago chiropractor and Health and Wellness expert, Dr. Evelyn Haworth, has created an at home system that is helping thousands of people nationwide.

The Tru-Align Body system is a holistic alternative to expensive surgeries and pills that allows people to treat acute or chronic back and neck pain, alignment issues and other ailments such as headaches and nausea at home for just 20 minutes a day.

I have included a full release below about Dr. Evelyn Haworth and this amazing product that is helping so many! Are you interested in seeing a sample for consideration or setting up an interview with Dr. Haworth? You can also learn more at–Nicki

Chicago Chiropractor Teams with Husband to Create Revolutionary Holistic System to Treat Back Pain and Other Ailments

The Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is an at home system that helps to alleviate back and neck pain and improves posture and alignment by using just 20 minutes a day!

Kacelia, a Chicago based health and wellness company, has launched the Tru-Align body system–a revolutionary, self-care treatment system that is clinically proven to alleviate back and neck pain and other bodily ailments as well as improve overall posture and using for only 20 minutes a day.

Kacelia Co-Founders, renown Chicago chiropractor, Dr. Evelyn Haworth and her husband Kelly Haworth created the Tru-Align System after Dr. Haworth realized that many of her patients needed a treatment that went beyond her office, something they could have on hand at home or while they traveled.

“I was inspired, I wanted to create a system to help people,” said Dr. Haworth. “It can be life changing as so many people live with pain and the Tru-Align System can ease this pain.”

In America, it’s expected that over 31 million people have suffered from back pain at one time or another. Kacelia’s Tru-Align Body System works safely and naturally to decompress and reshape muscles and tissue in the comfort of one’s home. With just 20 minutes of use per day, users will immediately see and feel the difference.

The Tru-Align Body System helps relieve pain and improve posture, flexibility, and spinal alignment ranging from the groin all the way up to the neck and jaw. By targeting key points along the body, it creates a stable platform for gravity to gently yet effectively do its job. It all starts by mapping out the individual’s body shape and setting the pads in the correct positions. When lying on these pads face down the sacroiliac, spinal, shoulder, and TMJ joints are allowed to relax and find their natural shape.

From headaches and pinched nerves to sciatica and pregnancy discomforts, Kacelia has been clinically proven to bring relief to men and women of all ages. With consistent use it can improve overall wellness and diminish debilitating chronic pain–truly changing ones life.

Launched in 2012, Kacelia is a health and wellness company developing quality strength and healing solutions to maximize whole body health. Kacelia is focused on creating a resource that everyone, everywhere can utilize to develop strength, stability, and relief in their daily lives.

For the past 30 years Dr. Haworth has worked as a hands on chiropractor, and is now excited to offer those she can’t help in person with a holistic option for treating their pain at home. Each product is engineered under the supervision of healthcare professionals and composed of quality medical grade materials assembled in the USA.  Link into their world here at visit