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 Winter Beauty Goddess Skin News

Winter Beauty Goddess Skin NewsIt’s time to say farewell to the summer sun and hello to the autumn breeze. With the seasonal change come sultry colors and earthy tones in addition to a wholesome skin regimen. The brisk air leaves skin prone to dehydration, so we must protect it on the inside and out. Samitra Salon offers tips and treatments to keep your skin nourished.

Nutrient Rich Diets provide skin with the nourishment its needs. Dehydration is the skin’s worst enemy so drinking plenty of water is your best defense. Start each day with warm lemon water to help draw toxins and keep skin glowing. Foods rich in Omega-3 vitamins like salmon and avocado contain healthy fats that add moisture to the skin.

Skin Cream is essential to locking in moisture. A good eye cream is crucial because the skin around your eyes is incredibly fragile and more prone to dryness. Apply this cream in the morning and at night.

Gel manicure removal is extremely drying. Apply a healthy amount of lotion to your nails pre and post manicure. It will help prevent dry, cracked skin.

Drinking from a water bottle may seem harmless, but it’s a sure way to lose moisture on your lips. Cover your lips with a heavy balm before sipping or use a straw to decrease moisture loss.

Ranging from $135 to $195, Samitra Salon offers hydrating facial treatments and skincare services to moisturize and replenish skin. The salon operates on a referral-only basis, focusing individual attention on each customer. With only two chairs in the salon, sisters, Samera and Meetra, create a warm, intimate environment, providing meticulous attention to every client.


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