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Oud Oil, The Spiritual & Psychological benefits

Our beauty team was educated on OUD in 2017. OUD has a strong, mystical smell and is known for the spiritual and psychological benefits. It is essentially popular for its calming properties. Moreover, it is known to remove the negative and destructive energies that surround the human aura. This is why OUD Essential Oil is used for aromatherapy.

OUD, Agarwood or Aloeswood is a resinous wood that is a popular ingredient used in perfumes and air fresheners. OUD is a treasured product in the Far East. The incense generated from burning the powerful piece of wood is used in spiritual practices and religious ceremonies

Agarwood is also known to be highly psychoactive. This makes it extremely useful for OUD to relieve stress and boost cognition. Moreover, it helps to reduce obsessive and impulsive behavior, resulting in harmonious relationships. Using OUD at your house can prove to be beneficial for the mental health of everyone living in the house.

OUD and OUD-based products are known to eliminate negative energies around the house. Moreover, it is believe that the smoke created through burning OUD carries prayers to the Creators. Burning OUD is especially famous among Muslims who strongly believe that Agarwood carries spiritual benefits.

OUD is helpful in clearing disorders related to the nervous system. The scent of Agarwood can provide ease during illnesses like cancer, colic, diarrhea, nausea and breathing illnesses. It can also be used to treat tumors of the stomach and lungs.

Types of Oud Oil

White Oud is the first woody in the Clean line. Designed to capture the calm, peaceful feeling of encountering a wooded clearing, the fragrance weaves a cozy blanket of citrus, sweetness, woody notes and a dash of pepper. Fragrance: Oud (agarwood) Type: Herbal Attar

Blue Oud Oil

Blue has been always a majestic color, a color that was described as seductive and powerful, the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, there is no color that exists in nature in the size and vastness of blue.

Additionally, there is the ancient Indian Blue Kinam oud oil that does actually look dark blue when seen in the light, and the Blue Lotus which is considered one of the most beautiful and precious flowers that is usually used in old Chinese and Indian medicine and in some limited cases, in perfumery.

The Blue oud oil, freshly distilled oud, usually in Thailand and Cambodia that looks like blue ink, light blue, straight blue, Kool-Aid drink blue. It is usually promoted as “Blue Oud” or “Royal Blue” and usually gets sold for triple if not quadruple the price of any other oud oil comparable to it.

More On OUD

In Arab culture, the oud oil benefits are people believe that oud scent can connect them with the Creator. Each time use pure oud oil, their prayers rise with the scented of oud essential oil come to their deities. The scent of agarwood essential oil and smoke of oud wood chips also attracts angels. Arabian often burn oud wood chips and fumigate in their house. They use oud products for a thousand years in their history. There are many Arabian businessmen buying oud wood materials from Southeast Asia in the past. They also believe that use oud oil daily can remove negative energies, anti-ghost and provides enhanced awareness.

In Buddhism culture, Buddhists also see many oud oil benefits. Agarwood scent is highly effective for meditation, bring deep relaxation. Each time to make meditation, Buddhist often burns some pieces of agarwood chips or agarwood incense, or they can steam little drops of agarwood essential oil. The main scent of the incense is agarwood scent. We believe that agarwood scent is the good purity offering that Buddhists can offer to Buddha. Therefore, Buddhists use agarwood products commonly in Buddhism temples because of agarwood benefits.

Medically, there are many oud oil benefits but you need experience by your self. Firstly, oud oil can promote your sleep. Secondly, oud essential oil can repair your skin. Otherwise, everyone also believes that oud essential oil can soothes joint pain, antimicrobial, cure cancer. Pure agarwood essential oil is also used in the digestive, nervous disorders, abdominal pain…

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