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Tusol Superfood Smoothie Mix Just Right For Spring

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Organic Plant Protein + Superfood Smoothie Mix. Great taste, simple to use, good for daily source of vitamins. Functional meal replacement smoothie mixes that promote energy, collagen, gut health, glowing skin and weight loss. Each blend contains a potent combination of superfoods, plant protein, probiotics and enzymes for optimal absorption and results in as little as one month. Buy here at

Oud Oil, The Spiritual & Psychological benefits

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Our beauty team was educated on OUD in 2017. OUD has a strong, mystical smell and is known for the spiritual and psychological benefits. It is essentially popular for its calming properties. Moreover, it is known to remove the negative and destructive energies that surround the human aura. This is why OUD Essential Oil is used for aromatherapy. OUD, Agarwood or Aloeswood is a resinous wood that is a popular…

Female Rituals Yoni Steam Seat and Yoni Steaming Herbs

Female Rituals Yoni Spa Life At Home

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Ladies with all the fuss around Valentines Day, we have a great product you may want to use that you can heal your body and uplift your spirit. Our beauty and wellness team say YES to all the women buying the Female Rituals Yoni Steam Seat and Yoni Steaming Herbs (4 Ounces) Bundle. That’s right, its all about women taking control of their own bodies. This combo comes with a…

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INOAR Macadamia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner News

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INOAR Macadamia Oil Premium Line Shampoo and Conditioner and contain a complete and exclusive formula that combines Macadamia and Argan Oil offering long-last hydration and restoration. It also nourishes, strengthens and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair.  Buy it here at

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A Poor Diet Leads To Bad Hair Days

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A Poor Diet Leads To Bad Hair Days. Poor nutrition literally impacts people from head to toe because diet can significantly affect your hair  and that includes losing it. Healthy, attractive hair is often due to a combination of factors, including genetics, physical health, hair care, and eating habits. But if someone is experiencing hair breakage, hair loss, or lost luster, their poor diet may be mostly to blame, says…


BEAUTY & THE BOX, a new beauty brand in cosmetics and storage

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BEAUTY & THE BOX, a new beauty brand in cosmetics and storage is taking pop-up to a whole new level. First to market from this new company is The Traveler Deluxe, a dream come true for any globe-trotting makeup maven. The Traveler’s unique, innovative design includes 3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes that travel flat for convenience and pop-up intuitively at your destination. Each box is cleverly stair-stepped to hold mascaras, pencils,…

Kreyl Essence Haitian black castor oil

Kreyl Essence Haitian black castor oil we adore

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100% pure haitian black castor oil is loaded with omega fatty acids and vitamin e to promote thick shiny and long hair. We like the smell and feel of this oil. Infused with organic French Lavender and Hibiscus, this blend is designed to soothe the scalp, soften skin, and promote relaxation. Stress is a common cause of hair loss and thinning- so let’s relax! Link into the world of Kreyl essence…

Runway Rogue LuxGloss collection


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Yes to the Runway Rogue LuxGloss collection. The shine from this gloss is a subtle gorgeous color you must have leaving your lips moisturized and glistening. LuxGloss is luxurious and creamy, depositing maximum color pigment onto your lips. The natural warmth of your lips will soften the gloss to a comfy and non-sticky consistency. Oh, and did we mention, they smell like a treat! Doll yourself up in delicious shades…

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day, The BEST 5 Gifts To Give She Will Love!

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Mother’s day is right around the corner, we want you to know about five amazing brands to GIFT all the Mothers you adore she will surely love. Our favorite five gifts come from a plethora of brands we really like and say yes to as listed below: Rose Water Facial Toner by Leven Rose, Pure Natural Moroccan Rosewater Hydrosol Face Spray 100% PURE NATURAL ORGANIC MOROCCAN ROSE WATER – Perfect…

Large Lavender Beeswax Candle

Mother’s Day Gift To Give, Conscious Goods

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When the box arrived from Conscious Goods, our team of editors became very excited about the look, smell and feel of each product sent. The creator, KC, a lawyer, and mother of three boys, was searching for pure, chemical free products with no hidden additives, and realized that was almost impossible to find.  Researching further, she was appalled at the hidden harmful ingredients added to most so called “natural” products…